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I seem to be updating this as the seasons change. So. Summer! A few festivals, lots of geeking and some gigs in unusual places over the next 3 months.

I'll be looking for strange places to do my shows in 2014 so watch this space (for another update in the Autumn no doubt).

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Just a short one this week as I recover from camping with the family...

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 Round-Up

This year, I did two shows a day for the month. In hindsight - I think two shows was one show too many. Whilst the shows were a success in many ways - I think having two full shows to write and organise meant that I couldn't focus on one of them with as much enthusiasm as I should have. I have ideas for next year's show which will combine the two shows a little better and hopefully enable me to turn two good shows into one great show. So, what actually happened this year? Owen Niblock: Twisted Whimsy I did a 50 minute show at the Voodoo Rooms. I love the Voodoo Rooms. The bar staff are always lovely and it feels like a family. 3:40pm isn't the best time in the world but it...

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